You Could Be Earning More Money

You know this already…With a good marketing plan, a solid pricing strategy and the right clients, you could create a thriving business. But first you’d like a good night’s sleep. Or a hot meal, a cup of tea, or just the chance to sit down for ten minutes.


I know how you feel. After a demanding day (or night) at work, a business textbook doesn’t look like a fun read. And where would you begin? There’s so much advice about social media, online advertising, blogging, websites – and most of it doesn’t apply to your business.


You’re tired, overwhelmed and stuck. You have baby brain. Permanently.
I’ve been there…


I want to help birth and baby professionals make the best use of their limited time. I have created an online business course for our industry. I’ve sifted through the advice, guidance and lessons to create a package that contains only the information you need to know.
I understand how precious your (limited) time is, so I’ve created a course that’s all value – no fluff, no padding, no time-wasting.

Set the pace and work through the course when it’s convenient for you…

The course is structured so that as you work through it, you will be able to take immediate, practical steps to help with your business.
By the end you will have the plans, tools and skills needed to grow your business and earn more money while working fewer hours.

Course Structure and Material

The course runs for six weeks and includes a mixture of learning materials like videos and printable worksheets, covering:

– Discover what your business is all about and get clarity on what you want to do


– Get clear on who your ideal clients are, then discover how to attract them


– How to find and organise your first (100) clients


– How to work with a web designer to get a website you’ll love


– Make a business plan and track your goals


– Networking made easy


– Practical guides to making business cards, flyers and other marketing materials


– Promoting your business through social media


– How to balance your business with self care to avoid burn out


– Building momentum to keep your business moving forwards

You could go it alone, and through hours of online research, teach yourself what you need to know. But haven’t you got a job to get to? Dinner to cook? A household to manage? That’s the rub. How do you find the time to develop the skills you need, to create a business you love?

Invest in my online course, and I will deliver all the training you need directly to your computer. I’ve designed this course to make the most efficient use of your time. I want to help you grow your business so you can escape the cycle of working too many hours earning less than you deserve.

The first intake of students will be in early 2016 and places will be filled on a first paid first in basis.

Can’t Wait to Get Started?

My 1-1 Coaching Sessions Are Available Now

– How would you like me all to yourself for an hour?


Using my business knowledge and industry experience I can help you earn more while working less. When you work with the right clients, at a fair price and organise your business in the most productive way you can achieve a better income with less stress and fewer hours.


– How would you like more money + more free time?

A Year to Transform Your Business

A package of 12 1-1 sessions spread over a year to transform your business
  • Schedule your work efficiently
  • Easily track income and expenses
  • Learn how to successfully manage client relationships
  • Set a long-term goal for your business, create a simple plan to get there, and over the 12 months I will help you stay on track
  • Plus consistent accountability. You set the direction for your business, I’ll help you achieve it. Knowing you have a monthly call with me on the horizon you will be even more motivated to put your plans into action so you can report back to me with your successes
  • *payment plans available.
It’s time to be recognised for the value you provide. To earn more and work less. To create a business you love.

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